To keep your business running, you need more than your bare hands for the more intensive administration. You can do a lot on your own, but one day you will need to realize that you are only human and do not possess machine qualities.

That is why I would like to show you how you can use the right technology, tools, and programs to automate and scale your business, making it much easier to manage.

The resources you need to succeed at each level.

At KRISS MICUS we only recommend resources that we have developed, are testing, or use ourselves. No tricks, just the best essentials for online business success.

Connecting my business with my personality.

Tech and tools are used again and again in my blog. That's why you're welcome to explore this page if you would like to discover new tools in technology in detail.

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If you want to advance your business, you may have noticed that you cannot make progress with your bare hands despite a possibly high level of writing talent. I would be happy to share with you a few technical helpers that may be best suited to move your company forward.

To work meaningfully and productively and stress-free and functional, I recommend that you keep your hands off a company with four windows and fixate on a company with an apple from good ole California.

Software and hardware harmonize with one another should you choose to use one and it visually emphasizes the high standards that you and your company want to represent.

The Most Important Purchases to Control Your Business

First and foremost, we have to analyze the core points of your organization and which devices you find difficult to avoid purchasing. I recommend purchasing the following devices from Apple:

πŸ’» MacBook/iMac

The core or brain of all your processes resides on a carefully selected, powerful computer. It must be able to manage your apps and programs quickly and reliably at all times and keep them up to date. The Macs are incredibly powerful and have more than enough reserve as you develop yourself and your business. In addition, they do not require a long learning curve to use, all processes are incredibly simple and self-explanatory. Difficult training is not required. Generally, a Mac will function for years to come and will accompany you on your way through everyday business madness.

πŸ–₯ iPad

Nowadays you run everywhere in your business. Be it the kitchen, the couch, shopping, or working at your desk. It's important that you manage everything carefully and whenever possible, from your computer system. Therefore, you should definitely think about purchasing a tablet that is optimized for this purpose. You can carry it with you and use it to control every area of ​​your company from anywhere. If you want to be mobile, an iPad Mini is recommended. If you're at home and want a perfect balance between display space and portability, an iPad Air or iPad Pro is recommended.

I have a combination of a 2020 iPad Pro 12.9" and a 2021 iPad Mini. Depending on the situation, I'm always as prepared as possible and can make important decisions.

πŸ“± iPhone

Being mobile is a very important aspect. These are situations where even an iPad is no longer mobile enough. You always carry your iPhone with you in your trouser pocket and it allows you to quickly and easily access the most important things at any time. Be it messages, emails, or phone calls. In the modern age, surviving without any gadgets is dreadful and nearly impossible.

My entire business can run on my iPhone. It's always ready to hand and I can pick it up in the smallest of situations and control and manage important elements.

My current companion is an iPhone 13 Pro Max. With its 6.7" display, it allows plenty of space for all everyday needs and is still very portable. In the modern age, it is an absolutely indispensable everyday object for almost everyone.

⌚️ Apple Watch

The Apple Watch is and will remain unbeatable in the smartwatch market. If you always have it on your wrist you won’t miss a beat. The large display and useful functions, allow you to see what time it is, receive important messages right on your wrist, check your stress levels, set reminders, and so much more! You will be aware of everything in each situation without having to pick up an iPhone or iPad. It is an indispensable tool.

πŸ–‹ BONUS: ReMarkable 2

Rolling towards Texas from beautiful California, we can check out the ReMarkable. It's not a must-buy, but it's an incredibly useful digital notebook. It offers the enormous advantage of combining digital notes with the writing experience of a classic pen on paper. In team meetings or when something is just going through your head, you can immediately write down what you want to put on paper without thinking twice.

I use ReMarkable 2 to quickly and easily create notes that I can view and edit digitally at any time.

πŸ“Ž Tools

It is also important to note that even the best technology and the most beautiful workplace won’t do you any good if you do not use the programs. We'll explore this topic in more detail once you've made it to "Tools and Programs" below. You can also click above to get there immediately.

β€žDesign is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works!β€œ Steve Jobs, 2003

So true!

The theme is the simplicity that arises when everything about a product is perfectly coordinated, from the outside to the deepest inside, and every little feature has been thought through down to the last detail.

You can draw long-term benefits from your future technical companions. Would you like to spend as little money as possible so that you always have reserves on hand, or would you like to have more money on hand in order to be stress-free and secure for years to come?

Long-term quality, you’re new best friend.

You should also attach great importance to the interaction and linking of your technology. The interaction should be easy and almost automatic.

These tips and these technology purchases will help you - as I always say - to scale and automate your business.

In order to go into more detail and continue to manage your equipment, we will now focus on certain areas.

Food for thought: A computer is only as fast as its slowest component. In this case, the slowest component should by no means be yourself and you should also make sure that you have sensible and future-oriented equipment.

Consciously think about how and with what can steer you to higher levels and successes. The interaction and functionality among each other are essential parts of you and your company.

Film And Video Equipment

It is not enough to have just computers for your organization. As an entrepreneur, you certainly want to present yourself well, show what you stand for, and share what you have achieved or hope to achieve. It is advisable to use video platforms such as YouTube to produce film sequences that captivate the viewer. But what do you need to do that successfully? Let me share the following with you.

πŸ“· Camera

For a good still, I recommend models from SONY. Image quality is crucial and incredibly important to the overall quality of the image. It's important to note that if you don't do your research you'll buy the best 8K ULTRA PRO MAX camera in good faith. Unfortunately, the bottom line is that an 8K image from this camera will look grainier than the best 4K image from a higher-quality camera.

Your iPhone is also ideal for occasional video and imagery. The quality is great and you know your phone is always with you.

πŸŽ™ Microphone

For simple films, you can also use the internal microphone on your camera/iPhone. But you might want to use something more professional over time. Good sound is noticeable. You can't go wrong with a microphone RODE. We would be happy to inform you about other models if you would like more information.

πŸ’‘ Light

It is not enough to fall back on the "natural" light. Unsightly shadows form are never disturbing in everyday life, but do on video. Be sure you have enough light from all sides so that you are in focus and stand out from the background. Smart lighting should be the focus. Control all colors and brightness.

🎍 Decoration

Certainly, your goal is to showcase yourself and your brand. Even the simplest things, such as beautiful decorations, should not become a problem. Do not exaggerate with your decorations. Simple and elegant helps, respects, and ensures a noble and tidy appearance.

If you produce your video in high quality, it increases the viewing rate and you will get noticed. You have to keep up with the big crowd and be on a comparable level in terms of quality.

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Tools And Programs

As you learned in my article on technology, whichever technical helpers you use will move your business forward, however, the best computer is of no use to you if you do not have the right programs installed on it. Program selection is an important aspect because you can only work stress-free and automatically with a combination of the best tools. I would like to show you step-by-step what I work with and how you can learn to use the respective programs.

✍🏼 Notion

Notion is an essential and indispensable part of my business. I organize everything there. It combines many important functions with each other and can connect databases and individual subpages. It is an important tool because it makes everyday organization significantly easier and faster.

πŸ•Ή ClickUp

Notion isn't perfect in some respects and for certain areas, I switch to ClickUp. ClickUp offers similar functions as Notion but is less complex and much more appealing.

πŸ“¦ Dropbox

In a business, every employee needs to be able to send files back and forth quickly and easily. There must be connected storage in the cloud so each employee can quickly find their important data. As we learned in a previous post, closed windows are less suitable and a tool called Sharepoint uses obscenely slow speed such that you can get married, have children, and build a house while a file uploads.

Dropbox is perfect for this. It offers clear, online storage, in which all kinds of files can be viewed and downloaded/uploaded quickly and easily.

🎲 Hubspot

Make sure your company's online presence is attractive and that the processes are well automated. HubSpot is the place to go in this category because it offers an incredible number of functions that revolve around your website. It includes important tracking tools, pretty animations, and little helpers that make building a website easier for you.

πŸ“™ Others

It's worth considering professional programs that revolve around presenting yourself well. Let's look at your video production first. Does your Mac have the M1 or M1 Pro etc, you will never reach its limits (exceptions prove the rule *cough* *cough*) and they have important tools for video editing.

Cut Pro is the best editing program, perfectly tuned for the Mac to make professional video editing easier without having to delve into the complexities of a program like Adobe Premiere or Gimp. It enables video editing without traces so each clip can simply be pushed directly to its end zone. It offers a variety of export options such as Apple ProRes or H.264, which is actually the standard in the video sector. The operation is super easy and requires no nerve-wracking instructions.

Creating thumbnails is powerful and Canva is a great tool for that. It offers simple and easy-to-understand photo editing options and is useful for quick on-the-go creations. However, professional image processing should still be done using Photoshop. This offers the most comprehensive and extensive functions.

A tip on the side: If you work a lot with the iPad, consider alternative apps such as Affinity Photo or Luma Fusion.


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