Scale with YouTube

You aren’t a creator? Me neither.

Let’s build a lean 2h/ week Marketing-system to automate lead generation and focus on our business again.

Learn how to leverage the largest online growth opportunity and traffic source (owned by google) to your advantage, and get new visitors for your business every month.

You are not a content creator?


How many hours do you put in every day? How many posts you've written and how many strategies you've tried only to fail to implement? Why

NO, not because you're doing it wrong, but because you're a business owner, not an influencer. A high-performing leader, not a Youtuber. 

And you simply don't have the time, the systems, and the team to be visible online. 

But unfortunately, you can't outsource any marketing strategy these days without being active yourself. 

Even if you decide to hire someone to make you visible on social media channels, you're going to have to be active. 

Unless you can find an AI-based solution that looks like you filmed a video yourself, you'll have to take action. 

So don't put it off any longer and let's build your own in-house micro-marketing and media agency that you can manage 2-4hrs a week to manage your entire online presence lean and profitable.

Video-based and sustainable. So that it grows for you, and you also get paid to talk about your business. :)

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Generate traffic for your online business and get paid for it.

Learn how to build an automated lead generation system on YouTube from scratch, generate targeted traffic for your business, have a lot of fun building a premium Brand with Video, and even get paid to do so!

Ready to follow along as Kriss plans, strategizes, edits and promotes our content for YouTube? Over two weeks, unlock on-demand training and live Q&A sessions to build a sustainable YouTube plan through: 

  • An SEO and content research strategy that kicks in quickly
  • A simple and effective process for filming videos that you're proud of and that your customers want to see.
  • A framework that shows you what else you can do to use YouTube videos for your business, making it a lot easier for you.
If you commit to two weeks of video creation and follow our process, you'll have your YouTube Channel launched and optimized, your first videos up and searchable, and a plan for the next 12 months of content!
Scale with Youtube
Scale with Youtube
THE 10k Challenge

Accelerate time to value

What's important to us: lead with less

These 10 days will not require hours of listening and hours of work from you every day. YOU will learn a lot in a short session, and then ideally get into implementation right after. Learned strategies don't bring money, implemented ones even more 🙂


Week 1: Audit & Redesign your Business

Then the first week starts. It's all about you, your skill set-up, your streamlined business setup, and implementing tools that can help you to thrive.

Day 1. I'll show you my method, and we'll work on part 1 to get CLARITY. Here we'll use a lot of what you've already pre-worked to have your pitch statement at the end.

Day 2. After this, we will get creative and methodical at the same time. You'll learn a simple way to finally get your method across in an understandable way and streamline all your communication with it.

On Day 3 we clean up and your business gets its upgrade or redesign! Before we cut everything in the following week that doesn't bring you forward, we first change your external perception and show your customers that your business is not a hobby.

Here we will not only work visually but also in an organized way because believe me, nobody wants to spend ages looking for logo files instead of helping customers.

Day 4: Data instead of drama. Gone is the creative freedom. Now we talk turkey. Because a business isn't a business if it doesn't also generate revenue, profit, and financial freedom. We'll start with the important metrics, then we'll talk about your revenue goals and how to prepare for our Simple Profit Picture in Week 2.

Day 5 Work DAY. Use the day to implement. You learned a lot and got some tasks. Use this day to implement everything and streamline your business. To make this work well, there is a bonus Money Moves session to listen to.

Day 6-7 (Weekend + Audit Survey)


Week 2: Your Profit Model

Day 1 Strategic Profit Planning. The week starts and, of course, we recap what we have learned. You set your 1 pager (internal and external) and fill it with all the information you already have. I will introduce you to 2 parts of my method (wheel + setup) that you should also use for a non-course business.

Day 2 Asset Reviews (Customer Journey). Since our "lead with less" motto is important in all tasks, let's look at what you've already created before redesigning the future. What do you have, what do you need, what can you reuse, where are you right?

We'll look at everything you've already done or changed in your business and make it easy.

Day 3. Platform, Content, Strategy & Execution. Now let's make your content strategy SIMPLE once and for all. You'll develop your Method/ Content Matrix and create only content that drives your business and execute it directly.

Day 4 Automation Prep. A lean and scalable business requires automation. But elegant. After learning the basic structure of my automation strategy, you will set up the 7 most significant automation content (from marketing to customer support). 

Day 5, ALL DONE! Share your experience and results and win a twelve-month THE Program membership when you've implemented everything.



Is YouTube where you should invest your time?

This program is for you if:

  • You're ready to create content that doesn't just work for you once but years into the future
  • You're ready to step up as an expert and be seen like the leader in your field that you are
  • You're ready to stop trying to show up on ALL the channels and focus in on doing one the BEST that you can

This program may not be the best fit for you if:  

  • You're looking for a quick fix and overnight success 
  • You cannot stick to a plan for 7-10 days :)