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THE Partner Program

The most lucrative affiliate program

Spread the Word and find new customers. This way you can share financially in our success AND help others to start their way to a successful online business. 

We are thrilled to have you so excited about us that you want to tell others about our company, THE Program, and THE Club. We are very proud of our sustained growth over the past few years.

How it works

You sign up and get immediate access to your personal affiliate link. You can use this at any time to make your community aware of our free offers or to promote the introductory version of THE Program. 

If at some point, (!) one of your recruited customers decides to join our other programs, you will ALWAYS be involved. For example, 500 Euro gross for THE Program and 1,000 Euro gross for THE Mastermind. You will automatically receive 50% of all challenges over 5 Euro. 

The special thing: The free THE Club is only advertised by us for 2 days every few months.

However, our affiliate partners are always allowed to recruit customers, which is the best and easiest way to sell. 

Marketing materials every quarter

We regularly send you marketing materials, custom landing pages, and ready-made sequences for your use. Our successful affiliates also get free access to our Behind the Scene course "Scale with Affiliates". 

Mepreneur Partnerprogramm

Some facts

For each new member who books THE Program through your partner campaign, you will receive 500$. 


Our partners earn on average
7500 euros on top.

Conversion Rate

Our partners have a conversion rate of 12% on average


Our refund rate is less than one percent
Mepreneur Partnerkampagne
Done for Your Masterclass

The joint campaign

Together with our team, create a partner campaign where you hold a masterclass with Kriss for your community and help them learn more about Elegant Automation. 

Here, you don't even have to worry about technical implementation.

Share your knowledge

Show your expertise

Do you have knowledge that adds value to our members and customers? Then become a Mepreneur Expert and share your knowledge in a video module for our programs. 

Mockups (16)

I love being a MePartner. The program is incredibly generous. I am blown away by how well they treat their partners, it is a pleasure to work with Kriss and her team!


I have been a Partner for about 3 months now. I held a live workshop with Kriss and 10 people from my community booked the club. I am now earning monthly without doing anything for it.


I have reported in my stories and on Youtube a few times about my participation in Uplevel (now THE Program) and had some interested people in my community. Now I earn about 1500 EUR per month.