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Far far away, behind the word mountains, far from the countries Vokalia and Consonantia

Who we help

We help coaches, consultants, course creators, agencies, experts, and digital CEOs, who share their expertise online.

We only work with founders who are experts at their craft.

These companies have what it takes to achieve 7-figure revenues, but they lack the proper structures, systems, teams, tools, and guidance on how to get there, without neglecting themselves.

We are a business performance coaching company.

We help experts, coaches, and entrepreneurs position themselves in the premium segment and automate growth to achieve exceptional results without neglecting their most important values.

What we do

We help these digital Educators to scale their knowledge, automate growth and lead with less.

That means: a business that makes 100k+ /month profit, with 1-2 premium programs, without a large team or constantly being involved.

We do this by teaching you how to run a highly streamlined and profitable Online Education Company [Highlevel Business Design], that you can operate with ease [lead OS], while living a balanced life [lead PS]. Our programs aim to maximize: Scalable Education. Elegant Automation. Extraordinary Results and balanced Performance Management.

Our programs aim to minimize: Complexity, costs, headcount, and stress.

Premium Education Excellence
enable Transformation with a clear path and a framework-based learning approach.
Lean Operations Excellence
add value with streamlined, automated Systems that can easily be managed by a small giant
Recurring Profitability Excellence
build consistent income streams that enable flexibility and freedom, without relying on complicated funnels and ads
Founder Freedom Excellence
achieve incredible success while focusing on a life that supports your most important values

Our Core Principles

"lead with less" is the strategic aim for delivering high-level online expertise and education, without the expected complexity.

Our Clients want the perfect balance between enabling exceptional results, profit, lean business design, and founder happiness.

Streamlined Simplicity

Results should be achievable in the least number of steps. No bottlenecks and no unnecessary complications.

Personal Responsibility

Discipline. Focus. Attention. Care and the willingness to take ownership and improve. 

Passionate Performance

If you don't love it and if it's not fun, you are doing it wrong.

Kriss Micus am Konferenztisch
Our founder, Kriss Micus

Forged out of necessity

I turned my business from 0 to 6 figures in 1 year, while raising my kids. Multi 7 figures 1 year later, with 1,5 Team Members.

And you can do that too! 

But my business growth was so overwhelmingly positive that I needed to choose between spending time with my children or spending time with my clients – and I would rather not do that.

After weeks of failed attempts to find employees who could run my business better than me, sleepless nights because of forgotten notes, and missed to-dos, I turned to my favorite topic:

Strategy. Tech and tools.

And developed my own profit-focused, but life-first business system, operating system, and balanced high-performance system.

This radical “business minimalism” approach, skyrocketed my business growth while allowing me to work less. 

Now I teach my proven methods to 700+ other thought leaders and game changers in the online industry.


Scale your knowledge. Automate growth. Make millions. lead with less. change the world. 


Official Bio 


Kriss Micus is a pioneer in applying neuropsychological optimized automation tactics to scale lean business models.

In the industry, she has been called an "outstanding sales brain" and "thought leader of the e-learning sector."

The German economist is the founder and CEO of KRISS MICUS GmbH, the leading digital consultancy for group-based education design and sales automation as well as digital leadership.

She values lean processes, clear communication, and a holistic approach that promotes sustainable business models and business structures. With her company, founded in 2019, she fulfilled her dream of a lean & simple 7+ figure business that harmonizes with her family and her desire for continuous development as a small giant.