10 Days to 10k Challenge

Let's get your online education business ready to make 10k a month in just 10 days

The next Challenge will start in December or January. Trage dich jetzt in die Warteliste ein, um als Erste/r zu erfahren, wann es wieder losgeht.


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10K in 10 Days

A ten-day challenge for dedicated online Educators who are ready to stop playing small and start generating more than five figures in their business every month. Are you in?

I'm hosting my ever-popular 10-Day Challenge where you can prepare and/or grow your business to 10,000 USD in just 10 days by applying the sales and marketing strategies I've discovered that will make you money FAST AND UNCOMPLICATED. 

I used these strategies for my highest revenue month to date - they work. I use these strategies almost every quarter in one of my businesses. That's how well they work!

Kriss Micus

Do you want to know how to do it?

Every day for 10 days you will be given a specific task that will help you improve your Money and Sales Game and put you in a position to bring in 10,000 EUR or more in 10 days.

Every morning, there is an internal task and a tactical external task that you have to complete.

If you follow these tasks, there's an absolute chance you'll take in 10,000 EUR or more by the end of the challenge!

Kriss Micus

How it works:

Once you've booked, you'll get access to our course portal. It starts on 10.10 (more about this later).

Every Monday - Thursday, we will meet live for about 30 minutes, and you will get your daily strategy from me. Friday is for additional implementation of the content, and Saturday and Sunday are to complete a mini audit for the following week. 

IMPORTANT: All Challenges are suitable only for entrepreneurs who are

  • willing to do the tasks every day (they take about an hour).
  • Have been in business for at least 6 months and have some online presence (no matter how small!).
  • Understand the benefits that come with investing in their own sales strategy and mindset, and are willing to invest. 
Kriss Micus

What to do now

First, click on the button below and sign up now

Second, check your email inbox for your login information on our learning platform. It will contain all the information you need. Plus, there are some great bonuses (see below). 

Third, make a resolution NOW that the 10 days of this challenge will be the best 10 days you've ever had. You have to KNOW and BELIEVE that in less than 2 weeks you can prepare your entire business and the way you work for regular 10k.

Kriss Micus

I know how hard you work.

How many hours do you put in every day? How many posts you've written and products you've sold – and still, you haven't hit that $10,000 a month?

I know how discouraging that can feel.

I know because I felt that way for many months in the beginning – until I finally decided enough was enough, that it was time to stop “playing” and doubting, and start building my business strategically and minimally. 
And I want to be your guide to doing just that for your business.

I aim to save you so much time, stress, and uncertainty and give you a list of the EXACT things you need to do to reach the goal of earning multiple five-figure months with ease!

THE 10k Challenge

Accelerate time to value

What's important to us: lead with less

These 10 days will not require hours of listening and hours of work from you every day. YOU will learn a lot in a short session, and then ideally get into implementation right after. Learned strategies don't bring money, implemented ones even more 🙂


Week 1: Audit & Redesign your Business

Then the first week starts. It's all about you, your skill set-up, your streamlined business setup, and implementing tools that can help you to thrive.

Day 1. I'll show you my method, and we'll work on part 1 to get CLARITY. Here we'll use a lot of what you've already pre-worked to have your pitch statement at the end.

Day 2. After this, we will get creative and methodical at the same time. You'll learn a simple way to finally get your method across in an understandable way and streamline all your communication with it.

On Day 3 we clean up and your business gets its upgrade or redesign! Before we cut everything in the following week that doesn't bring you forward, we first change your external perception and show your customers that your business is not a hobby.

Here we will not only work visually but also in an organized way because believe me, nobody wants to spend ages looking for logo files instead of helping customers.

Day 4: Data instead of drama. Gone is the creative freedom. Now we talk turkey. Because a business isn't a business if it doesn't also generate revenue, profit, and financial freedom. We'll start with the important metrics, then we'll talk about your revenue goals and how to prepare for our Simple Profit Picture in Week 2.

Day 5 Work DAY. Use the day to implement. You learned a lot and got some tasks. Use this day to implement everything and streamline your business. To make this work well, there is a bonus Money Moves session to listen to.

Day 6-7 (Weekend + Audit Survey)


Week 2: Your Profit Model

Day 1 Strategic Profit Planning. The week starts and, of course, we recap what we have learned. You set your 1 pager (internal and external) and fill it with all the information you already have. I will introduce you to 2 parts of my method (wheel + setup) that you should also use for a non-course business.

Day 2 Asset Reviews (Customer Journey). Since our "lead with less" motto is important in all tasks, let's look at what you've already created before redesigning the future. What do you have, what do you need, what can you reuse, where are you right?

We'll look at everything you've already done or changed in your business and make it easy.

Day 3. Platform, Content, Strategy & Execution. Now let's make your content strategy SIMPLE once and for all. You'll develop your Method/ Content Matrix and create only content that drives your business and execute it directly.

Day 4 Automation Prep. A lean and scalable business requires automation. But elegant. After learning the basic structure of my automation strategy, you will set up the 7 most significant automation content (from marketing to customer support). 

Day 5, ALL DONE! Share your experience and results and win a twelve-month THE Program membership when you've implemented everything.


This is going to be SO good!

Do you still have questions? Here are the answers!

Is this only for Online Educator?

Definitely not! THE Challenge is for anyone who wants to make more sales, in any business. But, you need an online business and get the best results with a scalable program. 

Do I need to have already created a product/program/course?

No, you don't need to have anything created in advance. But then it will be more the preparation, not the money making

Is this something for me if I'm not yet making money with my business?

Yes, definitely!

I do not have my own business. Can I join? 

Sorry! We generally only work with existing companies.

I already earn a regular 10k. What now?

Excellent! If you still want to streamline your business and build it more strategically, you're welcome. Otherwise, the 100 Days to 100k Challenge might be better suited for you. You can find it here >> THE 100k Challenge <<. 

It takes place every year in January. 

Do I have to join live?

Ideally yes! Otherwise you also have limited access to the recording of the live sessions.